About us

Expressions Unlimited is a premier training institute in the fields of Speech, Drama and Communication Skills.

Our clients (aged 4 to 94 years) fall under three broad categories:
  • Kids
  • Teachers
  • Adults (Corporate)

After teaching Speech, Drama and Communication Skills for over a decade, Mahrukh N Bharucha felt the need to give her classes a name. Expressions Unlimited! was born as a result and officially launched in 2000.

Over the years, Expressions Unlimited! has grown in every conceivable way, in terms of number of students, number of teachers, number of activities offered, number of exam options and more.

Expressions Unlimited! takes every student on a journey of self discovery through a series of games, poetry, dramatics, reading, role-play, speech exercises and self-esteem building activities, to gently but surely wear away self-doubt and insecurity and replace these with realistic self-assurance. Every student is encouraged to explore the magic, mystery, power and purity of the spoken word, the miracle of voice and the potential of speech.

Through all this, we take fun very, very seriously! All activities – whether they are for schools, colleges or corporate establishments – are dealt with humor, tact, sensitivity and enthusiasm. We spend days and days evolving, developing simple yet highly energetic, confidence boosting, totally interactive learning systems. These learning systems not only excite and invigorate our students but have them yelling: LEARNING IS FUN!

Last but not the least, the students in the institute are groomed in a way that a large number of her students appear for the LAMDA exams (group and individual), and securing exceptionally good grades.

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