Club English

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Club English is a one-of a kind English Enhancement programme that attempts to bridge the gap between the English schools teach and the English children speak.

Besides Vocabulary & spellings you can expect CLUB ENGLISH to give your child:
  • Listening Skills

High focus on these two skills – often neglected by schools – so 60% of our time will be spent on these.

  • Speaking Skills
  • Reading Skills

Most schools focus on these skills adequately – so we’ll only devote 20% time

  • Writing Skills
  • Critical Thinking

Students will be encouraged to use language analytically – so that not just the words but also the ‘real’ meaning behind the words are processed accurately.

  • Communication Skills

Language acquisition, when combined with the skills to use the language imaginatively, makes for formidable thinkers, speakers and leaders.


Students will have the option of appearing for examinations conducted by LAMDA in the subjects:

  • Using Spoken English
  • Reading for Performance

All students attend a one hour lesson, each week of the school year. Classes are held throughout the week at different locations.

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