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Communication Skills

English is a universally spoken language used to communicate with one another in business, educational, professional and social situations. At Expressions Unlimited! communication skills qualifications provide a structure within which people can build their confidence in all types of English verbal communication.  We touch upon the following areas to hone this skill:

  • Clear and creative thinking
  • Vocabulary building
  • Imaginative use of language
  • Listening and Concentration
  • Discussions and Idea sharing
  • Preparing and Presentations of talks and facts
  • Explanatory, Instructive, Persuasive, Comparative, Formal and Informal talks.

The above, is a two day full time program. Upon attending this program the teachers are also qualified to teach their students, who want to appear for the various practical group examinations conducted by Trinity College, London.

Whether you wish to use these ‘tools’ to enhance your teaching skills or try your hand at actually teaching these skills….. Upgrade 101 is just for you!

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