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Drama & Theater

Drama is an invaluable tool that helps teachers in understanding the fact that teaching is not only an exercise in reading and reciting facts but in gaining a deeper insight of events and situations to make learning more effective.

This is where Drama becomes a unique tool for teachers through which they not only learn and teach the what but also the why and how.

  • Improvisation - A class designed to teach the art of spontaneous creation in acting through theater and ensemble exercises. A wonderful tool for developing courage and flexibility on stage.
  • Scripted Drama - Through improvisation and scripted scenes, students develop their own ideas in pairs or groups which they enjoy and it helps to improve their performance.
  • Acting Skills and Mime – The students are introduced to acting skills through story dramatization, theater exercises, improvisations, and dramatic training designed to expand the imagination and to increase concentration and self-confidence.
  • Interpretation of forms and style - Students will be immersed in the creative process, embracing a full range of character style and technical elements of voice and physical technique and depth of character creation.
  • Program making – Conception to the performance - Students will work as a company to present a studio presentation of the work. Emphasis is placed on character development and dynamics and on the language of the play and not technical production.
  • Performance Skills – Tips and details on how to present well and get it right in front of the audience will be part of this training.
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