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The institute conducts workshops for the all-round development of kids ranging from toddlers (four years onwards) to 15 year olds. Those who seek to increase their child’s confidence and speaking ability, to those young people hoping to pursue career in acting and the theatre, these workshops are just right for you. They help your child acquire the much needed skills to turn them into confident, effective and competent individual. These workshops help shed negativity about oneself, and overcome blocks in the path of a healthy body and sound mind.

The institute encourages and offers clear guidelines to the students to prepare for the Trinity grade and certificate exams in Drama, Speech, Performance Arts and Communication Skills by providing a structured framework to encourage and assess each student to master their Performance and Communication skills.

Its time you should give your child an early start to see him grow into a successful individual.

The program for kids covers the same areas covered under program Upgrade 101, but tailor-made considering their age group.

  The Programme

Upgrade 101 is a course module which aims to familiarize and prepare teachers in the areas like Speech, Drama, Communication skills, Reading skills and making poetry teaching a whole lot of fun.

Above all, our workshops are fun!

All EU teachers have undergone extensive training with Mahrukh N. Bharucha who personally supervises the curriculum and teaching methods. Each lesson stimulates students to be fully involved and motivated. All students attend a one hour lesson, each week of the school year. Classes are held throughout the week at different locations.

  Performing Arts

Expressions Unlimited! offers the opportunity to explore every conceivable area of the performing arts. It involves training in Acting, Stage Management and Coordination, Direction, Production, Dance, Choreography, Music and sound, Music selection, Script writing, Audition techniques, Make-up artist, Hairstylist and more.

  Story Telling

Storytelling is an art. An effective storyteller is the one who can hold ones interest and reach its listeners. Stories should be remembered long after they were narrated. At Expressions Unlimited students are taught the skills and basics of storytelling. It improves their communication skills, thought process and provides means to express their views and feeling about something.

We take pleasure to inform you that the children who attend our workshops are ready and well prepared to take the Trinity College, London group examinations. We also help the students to enroll for these examinations.


The institute also offers special consultancy programmes for Schools, Colleges, Other Educatioal organizations and Corporate Houses.

  Become a Trainee Teachers

The new as well as regular teachers can join the institute as a Trainee Teacher on a part time basis. They will be trained for a period of two years.

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