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We also conduct workshops for adults from varied professional backgrounds. These training sessions are specially designed for corporate houses that have the vision and the need to impart over all personality development training to their employees.

  Communication Skills

In today’s fast paced, competitive world, many a deal is made or lost by the sheer impression that your employee makes. A suave, polished and eloquent person will always have and substantial edge over his/her less articulate contemporary.

Whether your requirements are business-based, educational, professional and/or social, we at Expressions Unlimited! can step in to fulfill that particular need.

Our communication skills workshops provide a platform for you and/or your employees can develop, enhance and master:

  • Clear and creative thinking
  • Vocabulary building
  • Imaginative use of language
  • Listening and Concentration
  • Discussions and Idea sharing
  • Preparing and Presentations of talks and facts
  • Explanatory, Instructive, Persuasive, Comparative, Formal and Informal talks.
  • Fluency and delivery – focusing on effective delivery of oral presentations.

The human voice is a precious gift from nature. With proper training and development, it can be used very very effectively to achieve reactions ranging from excitement, motivation, empathy to downright terror! However, not many adults exploit their voice to it’s fullest potential. They go through life never having discovered the power, purity and profound impact of their wonderful instrument. Expressions Unlimited! has put in years of thought, creativity and ingenuity to design and develop various modules to help you achieve:

  Accent Neutralization

Diction training or accent neutralization is a key factor in today’s fast shrinking world. The natural linguistic patterns of an individual can sometimes lead to garbled or unclear speaking habits. Accent neutralization workshops allow you to identify your strong/faint accent. You are then trained and flooded with ideas and exercises to allow you to work on your speech patterns; so that eventually, your accent is almost negligible and your speech is clear enough to be understood globally.

  Poetry Appreciation

While some people enjoy reading, reciting and even writing poetry, most view it with negativity - ranging from utter terror to mild revulsion. And yet, if this latter group were to just open it’s heart and mind, it would find a wealth of beauty and tranquillity.

POETRY expresses the deepest feeling of joy, anger, humour and romance; it is the language of the heart. By this principle, the concept of POETRY finds expression in every way that the heart is expressed. From Shakespeare to the Beatles – every art form that expresses the heart in literary form can be seen as poetic. But before they are able to progress to in-depth and sophisticated reading and interpretation of the POETRY they will first have to learn to appreciate it. Being able to view POETRY in its various forms will aid their APPRECIATION by allowing them to relate to the text.

Poetry is the most refined form of the language in which it is written. The rhyming patterns, the metaphors, the imagery – these, when comprehended, can provide hours of entertainment and joy, besides being terrific stress-busters.

The poetry Appreciation Workshop at EU aims to allow participants to:

  • Appreciate the ways in which POETRY is presented and represented.
  • Explore their feelings and those of others through POETRY.
  • Develop a method that could be applied to appreciating POETRY, understanding the use of figurative language.
  • Form a critical APPRECIATION of a poetic work.
  • Further their knowledge of different genres of poetry.
  • Briefly go over the various literary periods and the poetry of each era.
  • Recognize Literature (especially POETRY) as a record of human experience.
The programme can be modified in terms of time and content to suit the needs of your organization.

  Drama Appreciation

Modern day living makes exceptional demands on the sophisticated, urban Indian. As a natural extension of his corporate duties, he is expected to participate in a series of different social situations – including attending the Theatre. A basic knowledge and understanding of the finer nuances of World Theatre is almost an essential soft-skill, then. EU has developed a comprehensive, exhaustive programme to introduce Theatre to the uninitiated. Not only is the programme fascinating and enjoyable, but stimulating and inspiring as well. Participants can expect to gain a fairly sound knowledge of the following topics:

  • Intro to Drama/Theatre
  • What is a Play
  • The Greeks
  • The Middle Ages
  • Shakespeare
  • Asian Theatre
  • Royal/Restoration Theatre
  • Realistic Theatre
  • Anti-Realistic Theatre
  • Theatre Today – Modern
  • The Actor
  • The Designers & Technicians
  • The Director
  • The Audience
The programme can be modified in terms of time and content to suit the needs of your organization.

  Drama Therapy

Drama Therapy helps to create a stress free environment through a conscious use of Drama/theatre processes like role-play, theater games, group-dynamic games, mime and other improvisational techniques. These help individuals to tell their story in order to:

  • Solve a problem
  • Express feelings
  • Overcome inhibitions due to Physical or mental disorders.
Participants may range from the average stressed-out urban employee to persons recovering from addiction, trauma & abuse, persons with developmental disabilities or any kind of disorders, people with HIV/AIDS, at-risk youth, senior citizens…. Indeed anyone who needs a problem to be sorted out in a non-threatening group environment.

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