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To be a good teacher it is essential that he/she has a burning desire to impart knowledge. But more often than not the students lose interest in what the teachers are speaking after they have heard him/her for just 10 minutes. Therefore to keep up their attention and curiosity, the teacher needs to be enthusiastic and make learning a whole lot of fun.

And this is where the importance of better communication comes in. Fluency in English, speech modulations, eye-contact, expressions and presentation are the key factors in effective communication.

Effective oral and written communication is important in every facet of life that teachers of every subject especially language teachers should place a high priority on when they enter the classroom.

  The Programme

Upgrade 101 is a course module which aims to familiarize and prepare teachers in the areas like Speech, Drama, Communication skills, Reading skills and making poetry teaching a whole lot of fun.

  The Teacher’s Voice

A compelling and in depth look at what is often taken for granted, overlooked and often times neglected, Mahrukh N. Bharucha comes forth and tackles what is in reality one of the teacher's most valuable tools: The Teacher's voice.

Much more than a recipe book for lessons, "The Teacher's Voice" attempts to address the more fundamental gift of voice and offers long term aids in the way of exercises which can alleviate damaging stress as well as imparting practical skills for developing a rich, flexible and confident voice.

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This is a half to one day workshop for teachers on how to look after your voice.

  Drama in Education

Drama in Education is about using concepts from Drama in the educating students.
Through drama, students not only learn the facts they would learn from a book or in a classroom, but they also learn to be creative. Drama helps them understand a situation better, develop problem solving skills, by role playing they learn to be another person, think differently and also helps generate self awareness. It’s a more holistic way of teaching a subject.  

The teachers who understand the importance of Drama in Education and are willing to learn the skills of bringing Drama in educating their students, must attend this course.

  Become a Trainee Teachers

The new as well as regular teachers can join the institute as a Trainee Teacher on a part time basis. They will be trained for a period of two years.

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